My Spain: The Food Tour

OK, I already Instagrammed more than enough photos of food from Spain, so this is just a summary. In all of our planning for our recent trip to Spain, somehow we didn’t even think about food – we were focused on Columbus sites, our missionary reunion, and visiting the Paces and attending Barrio 2 in Barcelona. The food caught us by surprise. We had forgotten how much we loved Spanish food and how much we missed it!


Our first napolitana… It was a very basic napolitana, purchased at the train station of Atocha.


Bocadillo de jamon – also at Atocha.


Memories of many meals at the AutoGrill, but this time we were not at a rest stop on the autopsista, but in the train station.
Tortilla de patada. Need I say more?
Thank you, Corte Ingles, for that wonderful yogurt, Vieja Fabrica raspberry jam, and a good baguette. Heaven!
Choc0-Bran! Why is there so little chocolate in American cereal boxes?
Couldn’t wait to drink this, the photo had to wait. Fanta de limon!
We first discovered Llao Llao in Valencia, and re-discovered it in Madrid! Still the best yogurt shop in the world – tart yogurt, hard-shell chocolate, and a variety of toppings. Won’t somebody please get a franchise in the USA?
A quick trip to the grocery store enabled us to make this most typical of all Spanish meals: tortilla, tuna sandwiches on crustless bread, olives, chips, and gazpacho. Eating like natives!
Probably the best gazpacho we have ever eaten…
No visit to Spain would be complete without a visit to Bar Tomas in Sarria where they make the very best patatas bravas in the world. So good to be back in the neighborhood!
Dessert at Pinotxos in the Boqueria: mel i mato, a typical Catalan postre made from curds and raw honey…
And speaking of Pinotxos, the maestro himself posing for a photo!
Chuches at the Boqueria. I’m partial to the fried eggs.
I know you can now get Magnum bars in the USA, but somehow they are better in Europe.
Mussels! We ordered them three times: once at Pinotxos (chilled), once at Sinatras (steamed in saffron sauce), and once at Tapas Tapas (sautéed in olive oil, pictured above).
Hacendado: the house brand of every missionary’s favorite grocery store.
More napolitanas, but not just any napolitanas. These are from La Mallorquina at Puerta del Sol in Madrid, perhaps the only place other than Beatriz of Pamplona where napolitanas of this caliber can be obtained. Like bravas from Tomas, they are an essential part of any trip to Spain. Really, they are the purpose of the trip. #whywecame
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