We Are Moving (2) – The Miracles


It’s true that I have talked about moving for several years now. Our home on Harvard Avenue was a great place to raise our children, and they have become great adults. But it has three great shortcomings for our current stage of life:

1. It no longer accommodates our family needs. When we had five or six children living here, it was tight, but as they began to move off to school we had ample room. Now it is not unusual to have 23-25 people for Sunday dinner. And when the Lesans and the Davis’ come visit in the summer, gatherings can exceed 34. And this house just doesn’t work for that many people, especially when several of them are pre-schoolers.

2. It is old. Eighty-six years old, to be exact. Yes, we have redone the bathrooms (and they are beautiful), and portions of the wiring and plumbing have been replaced over the years, but old houses are high maintenance, and we are at a stage of our life when we have other interests. Something even a few decades newer would be a great improvement.

3. It requires regular occupancy. Most houses do, of course. When we were gone for three years on a mission, we had adult children who were in a position to live in the house and care for it. That is no longer the case, and we would like the option of being able to lock the door and leave again at some point, perhaps to serve another mission or just to visit out of state grandchildren for a few weeks at a time.

So we needed something different. A condo perhaps? A big condo, perhaps? I was willing to talk about it, but Kathleen was less willing. But a couple of months ago we began thinking about selling a rental house we have owned for a few years (which is also an older, high maintenance home) and investing the proceeds in a downtown condominium which we could rent for a few years and perhaps move into later. We began to look at downtown condos, and quickly became educated. Anything even close to our price range did not solve issue #1 above.


Then came Miracle One. While visiting Lizzie in Connecticut, our daughter Ada sent us an email with some information on some condos in our neighborhood, basically opining that they would be neither a good investment or a good home. But she included a link to a condo for sale not far away in a complex with which we were not familiar. She gave it high marks, but noted it might be larger than what we wanted. Kathleen and I read the email independently. The next morning I commented to her that I had been thinking during the night about that condo; Kathleen responded that she had been thinking during the the night about where to place our furniture in it. It was an interesting experience. We looked at it other and realized we were going to buy this condo. A week later we had the property under contract.


Still shocked by what we had done but feeling certain that it was the right thing, we began to prepare our house for sale. Looking at it through the eyes of a prospective buyer, we realized we needed to spend several weeks and several thousand dollars before putting it on the market, and we went to work. A couple of weeks later we were at the home of Joseph and Jenni when Jenni mentioned that she had heard that afternoon that a couple in their stake was looking for a house in the Yale Ward. We knew the couple (kinda of) – he had played the fiddle at our cabin on occasion. As we left Joseph and Jenni’s, I turned to Kathleen and said, “We just sold our house. They are going to buy it.” Ten days later they put the house under contract.

So in five weeks we went from not even having a serious discussion about moving to buying a new home and selling our current home. And we have never looked back. This move just feels right.


We have closed on the new condo. I say “new” but that is a relative term – it was built in 1970. We have been tearing out a few walls and are in the midst of a remodeling project to give the new condo both some improved utility and some improved character. We close on the sale of our Harvard Avenue home on August 1. And we couldn’t be more excited! We have had a remarkable twenty years on Harvard Avenue, and are now beginning a new era in our life that we are certain will prove rewarding and exciting. And we can’t deny the hand of Providence in making it all happen!

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One Response to We Are Moving (2) – The Miracles

  1. Lizzie says:

    It is incredible how this has all come together! Hopefully your next stop is NYC!!!!

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